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Simply Sensational Smiles

5 out of 5 based on 15 user reviews.

By Ryane


"The staff at Dr. Ellingsen's office is incredibly friendly and accommodating. Appointments are easy to obtain and they work with you billing issues. They are always timely and explain procedures clearly. We have three family members (so far) receive treatment and are pleased with the results."

By Alex F.


"This place is awesome! As a mother of a child with special needs, it is VERY important to me to have an office with caring and understanding staff that is willing to work through many issues with my child. The staff at Smiles have always exceeded the call of duty and gone the extra mile for my child."

By Daniel V.


"Smiles is a great place to go for treatments and checkups. Everyone is so friendly and makes me feel welcomed and important."

By Christy B.


"Both my son and I have been blessed with getting braces at such a wonderful office. I have been coming to this office for over five years now and will be very sad when I am done. My son and I have many ‘graces’ with ‘braces’ from the Smiles family."

By Danika


"The staff at Dr. Ellingsen's office is always nice, welcoming, and courteous!"

By Jayda N.


"Dr. Ellingsen and his staff have created a little nook in Spokane that promotes clean, healthy living with a family in mind. From the beautiful photos of his own family on the walls to the extraordinary customer service from each of his staff."

By Janel


"The best orthodontist in town! I totally trust Dr. Ellingsen and his entire staff. You will get compassion and understanding. I feel that they have always gone the extra mile. My daughter is autistic and they can handle her extremely well and are totally caring. Thank you to all of you for the terrific job."

By Jeannie and Rob White


"We would like to tell you how much Dr. Ellingsen and his staff have helped our son Kyle. In just a matter of a couple months, his teeth have straightened out and given him such a beautiful smile. We have noticed a huge boost in his confidence and he even walks taller. Thank you for all of your help."

By Chris Armstrong


"I just received my braces less than a month ago, but so far the experience with you and your staff has been great. The entire staff is top notch and very friendly, welcoming, and enthusiastic. You run a tight ship—keep up the great efforts."

By Angela Magney


"I want everyone to know how wonderful I think Dr. Ron and the staff are! I recently had both of my girls in for braces and was very impressed with the friendly staff always smiling. Taylor, who is seven years old, was a little rough on her braces and pulled her wire out after only four weeks. I called and they told me to bring her on in. It was great that I could get her in the same day with no problems. I think Dr. Ron has the friendliest staff around! As much time as we are going to spend at the orthodontist, it is comforting to know my children will be taken very good care of (it feels like family). Thank you for everything!"

By Sue Pace


"We've put braces on two of our three children through Dr. Ellingsen's office and can't tell you how beautiful their smiles are! If child number three needs braces, we'll take him back to Dr. Ellingsen's office. We love all the staff, the care, and the fun. And the multi-family discount doesn't hurt either!"

By Kris Bushman


"My daughter Emma and I both had braces and now have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Ron and his awesome staff. The atmosphere in the office is very professional and at the same time welcoming and comfortable. Appointments were easy to make and easy to change, if necessary. The tokens were fun to collect and redeem for prizes. Our experience at Smiles Orthodontics was very rewarding and we would highly recommend them to anyone!"

By Maryann Selway


"Dr. Ron and his staff at Smiles Orthodontics are who we think of when we see our son Matt's beautiful smile he now has thanks to them. Dr. Ellingsen and his office team were always so easy to work with for our appointments and with our finances for Matt's braces. Matt's brother needs braces now and for us there is no other place than Smiles Orthodontics. Thank you for all the smiles at Smiles Orthodontics."

By Heather Graham


"As a parent just starting the process of braces, we have been very pleased with Dr. Ellingsen's office. Punctuality is of the utmost importance to me as a working mom. Having early morning appointments available and then following up with being immediately punctual makes a world of difference. Having three children, I cannot tell you the amount of time I've spent sitting impatiently in a doctor or dentist's waiting room for up to two hours! Dr. Ellingsen's office clearly values the importance of time, something that is irreplaceable in everyone's busy lifestyles. As long as my time is valued as important as his, I will always support Dr. Ellingsen's office and recommend his business to anyone from a working family! Thank you!"

By Audra


"My nine-year-old daughter has been a patient of Dr. Ron's for a few months now. She likes going to her appointments and feels very comfortable with his friendly staff. I appreciate the knowledge and excellent treatment she receives. The staff is always caring and scheduling appointments is so easy! They are the best!"

Outstanding Service, Sensational Smiles